Bridging the “Gap” Between Faith and Action

Working Out Our Faith in Action One “Nudge” at a Time

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

— Proverbs 27:17

What is the Bridge?

Timed exercises designed to put your faith into action, one “nudge” at a time, and being accountable with others for mutual spiritual growth.

man-reading-bibleToo often, we lead our lives in compartments.  There’s the Christian, and then we may show up differently at work, or with friends, or those who do not know us.  Our faith may not be obvious and appear consistent to others.

If we’re honest with ourselves we often find a “gap” between what we believe and what we do.  What we hear and believe on Sunday is not what we’re always thinking and doing at other times.

Sound familiar?  The next question is: What’s your plan for addressing this “gap” in your life?

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says. —James 1:22

It’s okay to be where you’re at – but it’s not okay to stay where you’re at. Let’s do something about it!

Our Goal

  • Meet with others
  • Share the specific areas of gaps needing bridges in their lives
  • find practical suggestions/options to work-place problems or problems with other relationships
  • discover and work out principles of leadership and follower-ship
  • find out how God’s truths found in scripture are the basis for what they need and discover answers to specific problems they have
  • get mentoring or sources to get practical answers
  • be encouraged by others
  • be sharpened by others
  • have fun!

Getting Started

How do I start My Own “The Bridge” Group?

The first 8 lessons are designed to bring a group together, connected and establish ground rules that everyone agrees to. Lesson plan below (coming). An agenda is listed below with three possible meeting times. Click to download the PDF. Requires Adobe PDF reader. agenda-thumb Key scriptures for the foundation of the bridge can be downloaded here or seen below.

Facilitator’s Guide

Each group should have a Facilitator and backup facilitator. The job description for the primary and backup Facilitator is here. Click to download the PDF.
Contact us if you’re interested in creating a group and want more information.  

Weekly Lessons